"Even the journaliest longie starts with a single thread"

- Revised Chinese Proverb

Saturday, October 29, 2005

over and out

City: Bangkok
Province: none
State: Thailand
MBK Raids: 3
Altitude: low as it gets

over and out - my my my will you look at the time... is it time for heading back already? we both have mixed feelings about this, with friends and family making it easier, but jobs (and no jobs) and changes making us wish it could last longer. the era of more breakfasts and less money is nearing its end. soon it will be no breakfast and less money.

Pola's reverse economics - on Kao sarn road we bump into Uri, a friend from the mercury days, and his wife. after catching up a beat, we discuss the overweight situation. we tell them that we might send some stuff via DHL. the couple brings up the question wether adding the delivery charges doesnt make the shopping "not worth it". when I reiterate the question to Polina later she gives me a basic tour of economics: the more we buy the cheaper it will be, because if we buy two pairs of sneakers we save 600 nis, and if we add a cell phone, well...

and so we shop - we headed out and hard shopping fever took hold of the wallets. you gotta love this city. but not because it is being used as the king's family photo album. because while you run around between a mall under the queen's picture to a bazaar with many photos of the king and kids you can shop for a day and let go of 300 nis. we shopped intensively for two days and couldnt spend more then 500 nis.

and so we got serious - Pola sat on the bed and started drafting a plan for hitting MBK one last time. "Come on Pilgrim", she whispered, "You know you want to". so we did a double attack on the place. the first time we hit floors 1,2 and 6 , watched the new Wallace and Gromit and bumped into Uri and wife again while eating dead fish on rice balls. the seconds time we hit mostly the floors named after Pola: 3 and 4.

what i saw - Polina buying two cell phones and none of them for her. so I bought her one myself. and she promised never to upgrade again (or until 24 month have passed, whichever comes first ). then we went to see the new doom movie. good thing she had the phone to play with cuz if she actually looked on screen, she wouldn't sleep again.

one last thing - i took the last picture with shaking hands. like some sort of monthy python scetch, the chicken is the most frightning thing in Thailand at the moment. i did not get near them chickens when taking the photos so you can come and meet us. see y'all soon, y'hear?